How do I add my trips to Outlook/Google Calendar?

Sign in to and select the Calendar option from the dropdown menu next to your name.

Copy the webcal URL in the Subscription section. Paste the webcal URL on your browser and select your preferred calendar client.
If this doesn't work, you need to go into your calendar manager of choice and choose the Add Calendar from the Internet option in it. Where that option is located depends on each software, you can find help on where to find it in their official FAQ's.

On Google Calendar, click on the arrow next to Other Calendars  on the left and then choose Add by URL. Paste the URL and you’re set.

Note: Google Calendar might take up to 24 hours to update.

If you choose the One Time Import , select “Download File” from the calendar page; then select “Open as new” from the Outlook dialogue box and a new TripCase calendar will be created. It will not update automatically, but all your TripCase trips will be visible.


If you are using Outlook 365, you might experience some difficulties on adding the internet calendar. Please check with Microsoft a possible way to add the TripCase internet calendar to it. 

You can also check our Calendar Guide Here!

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