What happens when I select “Share Itinerary”?

When you choose to share your itinerary with a contact, an email will be sent to that contact with your itinerary and trip details.
If any changes occur to your flight, your contact (follower) will be notified via email. Followers with a TripCase account will also be able to find your itinerary under the Trips I'm Following tab (web) or the Following tab (mobile).

When you share an itinerary, we’ll provide the initial trip information up front but to stay in sync with further changes, your contacts will need an account.

An important thing to note is the additional value they get by signing up.  They’ll be able to see the itinerary in Follower View, so as a follower they will always have access to the latest information instead of having to save emails.  Also, once they sign up, the changes will be in the body of the email again.

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